vaping without nicotine

Side Effects Of Vaping Without Nicotine

vaping without nicotine

Most of the people confuses on cigarettes and e-cigarettes. There is huge differences between them. Cigarettes working mechanism is by burning tobacco,While vape does not contain tobacco. A heating element of vape makes transform the liquid into vapour. 

Many e-cigarettes have constant batteries built in to the device body. The body will even include the connector for the atomizer, the fireplace button (which activates the coil) and a charging port. It may also have more controls to modify how a good deal electricity is despatched to the coil. Usually there may be an LED screen to help alter settings and display closing battery life.

Considering the Function of E-cigarette, It is different from traditional e-cigarette. Traditional cigarettes contains paper, tobacco etc but E-cigarette(Vape) does not. Vaping without Nicotine is the best for everybody who wants to vape.

Now Let’s come to the main point 

Is It Safe To Vape Without Nicotine?

Most of the vaping flavour does not contains nicotine in it. Researchers have said that vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes. It doesn’t harm the human bodies. Traditional cigarettes not only contains Nicotine, it has tar, carbon monoxide etc, which is very harmful for health.  

Vape has same smoking experience but mostly in zero nicotine level. It is very helful for a people who wants to quit the traditional smoking habit. 

Some Of The Side Effects Are

  • When traditional smokers directly transform to the zero level nicotine vaping experience, they tends to consume more of the fluid. Sudden consumption of excessive liquid leads certain side effects like headache, vomiting, nausea etc. 
  • If Traditional smokers directly tries zero level nicotine level they doesn’t get that much juice in their body due to the regular traditional smoking habit. So it leads to smoker to quit the vape and return to their normal traditional smoking habit. which is very bad.

How To Prevent from this Side Effects ?

Traditional smokers should not directly jump to the zero level nicotine juice. Sudden change in Nicotine to non Nicotine makes their body suffer. So they must choose juice which consist at least 24 mg/ml of Nicotine. Slowly in descending order it must decrease the level of nicotine and can go upto zero level. This process helps the Traditional smoker to quit their Nicotine cigarette habit to vaping (zero nicotine) habit.


Vaping is 95% more safer than traditional cigarettes. It helps traditional smoker to quit their habit. Traditional smoker should not directly jump into zero level nicotine, they should go down in descending order in nicotine level. Different kind of flavors makes the vaping experience so good. 

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