18x Optical Telephoto Zoom Tripod Camera Photo Smartphone Lens



18x Telephoto Zoom Camera Photo Smartphone Lens


This 18x-optical-telephoto-zoom-camera pro lens can easily be used with camera display attachments with high-performance images of any mobile device. Hyper Zoom for smartphones is a lot of Samsungs such as Samsung, iPhone, and other Android phones. This means that you can easily add it.

What is the portable 18x best? Yes, you hear it !! It’s portable and you can enjoy it. Now instead of larger digital cameras, you can get beautiful capture even when you attach it, power can drag or loosen the bottom bracket. This lens uses an adjustable mount browser to make the lens connected with the camera.

Wide angle, macro lens, fish-eye lens, telephonic lens macro lens, can take an empty picture of small objects. Imported optical glass made the lens, lens clean, with this lens, you can see an image by 18x magnification on your cell phone. The 90 degrees of view can be captured by telephony lens, which can bring you an unrealistic world. It’s easy to find and setup can be done immediately.

The Telephoto lens can shoot very clearly within the three sauce scenes. Mini tricks with flexible legs The legs can easily expand and move your device to be more accurate and continuous to help. Aluminum Shell and Optical Glass Material.

Production Features: 100% brand new, high quality, Make your short-sighted camera/phone in Telephoto, Can be used as a separate binary, Suitable for many cameras and mobile phones, Fit: See sports, travel, photos, etc. Lens: 21mm, Magdiction: 18x, Dimensions: 33mm x 94 mm, Net Weight: 118 grams.