How to do online shopping from Jojajomarket

Hello Visitors,

                      Need some items but not interested in walking away from your home.

Now you have a solution to your boredom. Get the items delivered to your doorsteps with some simple steps discussed below.



Step 1: Open your browser and enter in the URL section.

Step 2: Click the My account button on the top right corner of the website and you can log in using Facebook or you can register using your personal information.

Step 3: Choose the desired product you want.

For example: If you want to get a lighter you shall click on the desired product from the lighter category and click add to cart button below the product on the next screen that appears.








Step 4: Now click on the view cart button.

Steps 5: Check the prices and choose your shipping option then click proceed to checkout button.








Step 6:Fill up the form with the appropriate information and your product will be on the way to your home.


If you have any inquiry feel free to contact us.

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